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    Software for States, Cities, Counties
    Higher Education, Workforce Boards

    WIOA, Wagner-Peyser, TANF, SNAP
    Youth, Reentry, Veterans, Employers, Partners

    With 25 years of successful workforce service delivery, Career TEAM has developed an innovative, work readiness, career services and case management platform for the customers we serve.

    Core Features

    Career Readiness Training + Tools

    Job Seekers + Students

    Student Success +
    Professional Development
    Resume Builder
    Interview Simulation
    Industry Exploration

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    Case Management


    Application + Intake
    Document Uploads
    Digital Signatures
    Activities / Services
    Fund + Grant Management
    Program + Partner Referrals
    IEPs / Goals / Outcomes

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    Labor Exchange


    Job Posting
    Candidate Search
    Business Services Tracking
    Applicant Tracking
    Virtual Hiring Events
    Interview Screening

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    Externships + Worksites

    Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly
    Digital Signatures
    Evaluations / Surveys
    Fraud Prevention
    Payroll Integration
    Automated Notifications

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    “Career TEAM is ready to go places we’ve never even considered... We needed someone that could take us to the next level and Career TEAM was it.”

    East Texas Council of Governments
    Director of Workforce & Economic Development
    Doug Shyrock

    “Career EDGE helped us easily serve over 22,000 youth this summer 100% virtually, from home on their mobile devices.”

    Washington DC Office of Youth Programs
    Associate Director
    Thennie Freeman

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