Clean, Easy, Comprehensive
Case Management

Allow your staff to focus more on what matters:
Your Customers

Career EDGE is built to serve workforce development programs, career
services offices and other programs. Learn more about each core
feature or feel free to challenge us to build your own workflow.

Universal Program Assessment
& Partner Referrals

Prescreen individuals to determine program eligibility for easy co-enrollment.

Guide users through video instruction to increase engagement.

Enable easy partner referrals to feed customers directly to a case manager.

Digital Signatures &
Document Management

Create an enrollment checklist with all program forms that need to be completed by applicants.

Allow applicants to upload their eligibilty documents.

Enable e-signatures for all user levels.

Activities & Services
Program Tracking

Manage and monitor all participant activities from case management dashboard.

Track all activities and set up notifications for all anticipated start/end/exits.

Grant Tracking
Fund Management

Manage all funding associated to your program grants. See how much money is remaining and distribute to regionals as needed.

Track individual’s budget allocations, payments, vouchers and refunds from one screen.

Additional Features

Data Migration
+ Mapping

Individual Employment Plans
+ Service Strategies

Staff &
Faculty Training

Exits, Outcomes,
Follow Up

Customized &
Off the Shelf Reports

Pull anytime anywhere data from our system as well as download canned reports specific to your programs.

Build your own report and deploy it to other staff members.

Enhance your dashboard with reporting metrics.

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